• 15 Sep 2022

    Municipalities, use the LIFE Clean Energy Transition Call to speed up the Renovation Wave!

    Within the framework of the LIFE Clean Eenergy Transition's Call, EUR98 million of funding support for projects accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions across Europe.

    Single application possible!

    Some topics require only one applicant, such as the RENOPUB topic : it aims support public authorities in setting up facilitation structures to help in particular smaller and medium-sized municipalities in renovating their public buildings and advancing the Renovation Wave.

    The topic will support the establishment and operation of “one-stop-shops” (or similar structures) at provincial/regional or similar larger territories covering many municipalities, and to develop a service package to assist public authorities from A to Z with the renovation of their public buildings.

    It addresses therefore the capacity gap often found in smaller and medium-sized municipalities and also aims to upscale and accelerate the renovation rates.

    The public sector plays a key role in delivering the energy transition, with a unique mandate over their public assets and a unique convening power on actors across the value chain. The European Green Deal’s Renovation Wave aims to double the renovation rate of buildings by 2030, which requires also massive investment into the public building stock.

    Find out more about the Call "Setting up facilitation structures to accelerate the renovation wave in the public sector" and apply until 16 November 2022!