• Nature4Cities: tools, methods and guides to renature cities

    January 16, 2020

    The environmental concept of Nature Based Solution (NBS) has recently been identified by the E.U. as a strategic frame to help the development of sustainable cities. Nature4Cities (N4C) is one of the two research program selected and funded by the European Union in order to build a common ground for “NBS & Re-Naturing Cities”, through...Read more

  • The EU City Facility is looking for country experts and national networks of local authorities

    January 8, 2020

    The newly set-up EU City Facility is looking to contract country experts and national networks of local authorities to support the initiative at national level.

    What is the European City Facility (EUCF)?

    The new pan-European City Facility is set up under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European...Read more

  • Covenant of Mayors 2020 Awards: Deadline for applications extended!

    January 7, 2020

    The deadline to submit your application to the 2020 European Covenant of Mayors Awards is now 16 January.

    You are proud of your Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plan? Tell us more about it! Have you involved citizens and local stakeholders in the development of your plan? What financing sources have you been using? What...Read more

  • The Covenant of Mayors: a central force to accelerate the transition to a greener future

    December 18, 2019

    EU Green DealOn 11th December, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal, a comprehensive plan that includes 50 measures to bring Europe on a climate-neutral trajectory by 2050. The plan addresses the climate issues from an integrated and holistic perspective, by covering all sectors, from energy to transport, mobility, industry,...Read more

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