• 29 May 2020
    09:30 - 12:00

    Webinar: supporting sustainable energy investments in Bulgarian municipalities

    Organiser: Others

    Application of innovative financial instruments, energy planning and web-based energy management systems: these were the topics that caught the attention of municipalities and energy sectors professionals during the first webinar organized by the Bulgarian municipal network EcoEnergy with the support of the Covenant of Mayors on 29th April 2020. Exactly one month later, on 29th May, EcoEnergy is organizing a new webinar to provide detailed information on the two “hot” instruments to support local authorities in the defined priority area - the European initiative EU CITY FACILITY and the new municipal energy management system designed for the members of the network, both supporting the actual implementation of local Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans.

    The first topical issue is related to the development of investment concepts aiming to support the energy transition in the municipalities, for which they can receive financial support of up to 60,000 euro. The municipalities that will join the initiative will receive additional support from the national consultant for Bulgaria - Desislava Kamburova, as well as, of course, from the national support network - EcoEnergy. The aim is to enable execution of SECAPs with an in-depth financial analysis, detailing specific projects for implementation in a short-term perspective.

    The second topic is of no lesser importance, as it presents the necessary tool through which solid investment concepts can be formed: the newly created web-based municipal energy information system of EcoEnergy. The system offers an intuitive tool for storing, processing and managing data and information on energy consumption, at the same time allowing automatic reading of data from energy audits and generating annual reports fulfilling the requirements of the national authorities. The information is visualized through a variety of analytical and comparative graphs and figures, which not only facilitates the process of energy planning and identification of new projects, but also provides an opportunity to convincingly present the results of local policies to stakeholders and potential investors.

    During the event, examples of the German experience in municipal energy management will be presented by Fraunhofer Institute, while the Bulgarian consultancy EnEffect will outline the future of the energy services and financing mechanisms that could applied for the preparation of investment concepts under the EU CITY FACILITY.

    The EcoEnergy webinar will take place on May 29 from 09:30 via Zoom at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83874713772

    For real-time updates about the event and the activities of EcoEnergy, visit https://www.facebook.com/ecoenergybulgaria