• 15 Jul 2019

    City Divest/Invest movement: Launch webinar

    Organiser: Supporters

    15:00 BST (London)

    Divest/Invest is a powerful way to undermine the outdated and dangerous business models of fossil fuel companies and to support the solutions that we urgently need to transition to a zero-carbon economy. New York and London are leaders in the emerging city Divest/Invest movement, both having committed to ambitious strategies. Participants of this webinar will hear directly from Daniel A. Zarrilli and Shirley Rodrigues who will present the steps the cities have taken, their motivation for doing so and what progress they have made so far.

    The speakers will also introduce the Divest/Invest Forum and its offer, highlighting key moments to get involved over the next few months. After the presentations there will be time for a Q&A.